“Fueling Insurance Efficiency – Empowering Staff Autonomy for Swift Claims Processing and Enhanced Oversight”

Brewing Success

Tailored Transformation for Streamlined Insurance Management

Café is an end-to-end insurance management platform, which was built in close collaboration with insurance industry experts. This platform was built to give niche insurance companies the ability to manage their entire business on one platform while sitting in a Café.

Our Insurance Partner needed their legacy Insurance Management Platform rebuilt to meet their growing demand and to allow them to transition to a web interface. This needed to happen within a short time frame and with a smooth transition between their existing systems and the new application. 

Because insurance has a long run-off period on claims, the transition from its legacy system to the new application was the most crucial.

Several challenges had to be overcome, including the development of a customized accounting system, that could seamlessly deal with a large number of transactions, a flexible new rating engine, and integration with the main underwriting management platform.

“Embarking on our low-code journey with OutSystems, we streamlined compliance reporting, slashed reporting delays, and harmonized financials seamlessly.”

This project started i60’s low code journey, and specifically our OutSystems journey. With buy-in from our main client, Strategic Insurance Systems, a feasible POC (Proof of Concept) was built within a few weeks.

With the concept approved, this project was full steam ahead. Working closely with experts in the insurance industry, partnered with Outsystems and our advanced software technology solutions, we were able to help insurance brokers to overcome the main challenges of manual compliance reporting, delayed monthly and annual reporting, and reconciling financials between different systems.


Within a year, we had a fully operational accounting system, rating engine, claim handling, and underwriting on their personal lines products, while still incorporating the runoff from their legacy systems into the new back end. 

Soon thereafter, the commercial product was complete, and all clients, brokers, and policies were transferred seamlessly onto the new system.


Furthermore, Cafe provides insurance brokers with a powerful solution to overcome the challenges of transitioning to a web interface, disconnecting insurance and accounting systems, providing transparency to brokers and agents, and importing data from external sources. Our platform was designed to bring together all the necessary components insurance brokers need, without sacrificing speed or accuracy. It allows for seamless integration with existing systems and it also gives them the ability to visualize complex data on a single platform and make informed decisions.

There are very few relationships and platforms out there that allow the broker control and involvement in the service delivery process.

Mike Macindoe

General Manager, Strategic Insurance Systems

Our Solution

Café enables insurance companies to empower their staff to operate autonomously. The result is much faster and more efficient claims processing, with improved insight and control over recovery agents, and also supports the provision of comprehensive and integrated reports that are both accurate and timely.

Key Features

  • Policy Claims
  • Complete end-to-end insurance management platform
  • Re-Insurance and Treaty management
  • Broker & agent management with role-based access
  • Full insurance accounting backend with bank integration
  • Full underwriting system to quote, issue & renew policies
  • Full claims and recoveries system integrated with an accounting system
  • External supplier portal for assessors and recovery agents
  • Detailed compliance & operations reporting
  • Complete commission and fees management
  • Broker and agent performance reporting

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