Case Studies

A closer look at how we've successfully served some of our clients:


Out Insurance Partner needed their legacy Insurance Management Platform rebuilt. This to meet their growing demand and to allow them to transition to a web interface. All this needed to happen within a short time frame, and with a smooth transition between their existing systems and the new application. This because insurance has a long run of period on claims.  A number of challenges needed to be overcome, including a custom developed accounting systems that could seamlessly deal with the large amount of transactions, a flexible new rating engine and the main underwriting management platform.

This started I-Sixty low code journey, and specifically our OutSystems journey. So with buy in from our main client, SIS. A successful POC was built within a few weeks. With the concept approved, it was full steam ahead. Within a year, we had a fully operational accounting system, rating engine, claim handlings, and under writing on their personal lines products.  While still incorporating the runoff from their legacy systems into the new back end. Soon thereafter the commercial product was complete, and all clients, brokers and policies transferred to the new system.

My Life

MyLife needed a Clinic Management System (CMS) that would also enable the nurse-led video consults with the virtual doctors. The aggressive go-live timelines for the startup necessitated the build of a proprietary CMS at extremely short notice. Without the CMS there would be no way to enable video consults or to conduct nurse-led consults in a secure application and needed the application to be built in under 2 weeks. 

MyLife approached iSixty to see if we could rise to the challenge, to which we did. The customer team selected us because of our responsiveness to their business critical situation and because we started work immediately on a Proof of Concept basis. 


Life Healthcare saw the opportunity to create an application for employee wellness, in which company employees can log a health concern or query. Once they have logged their case (which can vary from medical, psychological, to legal), an Affiliate professional can assist them with a consultation


Confpro as event management company needed a platform that could allow the marketing and managing of events that they were hosting internally or managing on behalf of their client base. Events can be configured to be in person or virtual, different tracks with different prices and ad-hoc inclusions.  Delegates needed to be able to register as individuals of in groups, upload purchase orders if required, with the system processing payments or generating invoices for the corporate clients.

Virtual Meeting Room

An online platform for more productive AGM’s. Virtual Meeting Room was created to alleviate the frustration of hosting a virtual AGM


Features & Benefits

  • Custom built web platform – no software required
  • Comprehensive post meeting reports
  • Real-time voting
  • Automated cloud based recording
  • Quorums and percentages automatically calculated
  • Pre-loaded agenda
  • Voting count auto-generated
  • Anonymous voting


The Aquaponic Enthusiast’s ideal app to effectively track and manage their system. This app was designed to address the main issues aquaponics enthusiasts are facing:

-Scouring through log books to look back on the history of their system

-Being unable to track results of experiments

-Access data from anywhere via the web


Features & Benefits

  • Stores fish, plant and water data in the cloud
  • Keeps track of progress
  • Engage with a community of aquaponic lovers
  • Aquaponics Training
  • Share systems and browse other systems
  • Ask questions and get feedback from community members


Gigsheets is the all-in-one solution for any Agile project that centralises all the requirements and tools needed to manage your agile project, into a single application. This project management tool allows for seamless communication with members, stakeholders and clients to promote better and more efficient Agile projects. After struggling for 15 years to find the right tool to manage our own agile projects successfully, we finally gave up and built it ourselves.


Features & Benefits

  • Time tracking
  • Timesheet Management
  • Reporting
  • Task Tracking
  • Digital Scrum / Kanban Board
  • Progress Tracking
  • Road mapping
  • Task management
  • Workflow management
  • Customizable tickets
  • Audit Trail

      Prior Ditema

      Prior Ditema needed a new IT Service Provider (ITSP) that could develop and host their pre-paid Voucher System and website. After being let down by their previous ITSP, Prior were referred to iSixty in order to get the job done. Being a new innovative online and Mobile Health solution, Prior needed Rapid Application Development (RAD) and maximum AGILITY, which OutSystems allowed for. 

      As a partner of OutSystemsPrior then turned to iSixty in order to provide a more comprehensive and automated voucher system, which iSixty achieved with their very first dev. They were able to offer Prior much more of what was possible in terms of their Brief and Spec.

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