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Client Background:

As a leading player in their industry, our client had invested significantly in their OutSystems environment over the years. Their complex system, comprising of multiple mobile apps, offline data capabilities, and intricate workflows, was a testament to their commitment to technological innovation. However, as with any long-term investment, the need for change arose, prompting them to seek assistance from i60 Global.

the challenge

“Innovation should never be hindered by financial constraints.  Every business, regardless of size, should be able to harness the transformative power of technology without undue burden.”

The client approached i60 Global with the formidable task of performing a complete detachment from their cloud-hosted OutSystems environment. This transition presented several complex challenges, as their system was developed over a long period of time, by various developers who didn’t all necessarily follow best practices.

Some of the major challenges we faced are highlighted below:


  1. Data Migration Hurdles: OutSystems’ limitations on database access complicated the transfer of data to a new database.


  1. Foreign Key Constraints and ID Discrepancies: Aligning data between the original and new environments posed significant challenges.


  1. Static ID Dependencies: Hardcoded static IDs in custom SQL scripts compounded the challenge.

Our Solution

i60 Global leveraged its expertise in OutSystems and SQL development to devise a comprehensive solution:

  1. Custom C# Application Development: A bespoke C# application was developed to facilitate database schema migration and bulk data transfer, overcoming OutSystems’ limitations.
  2. Meticulous SQL Scripting: i60 Global’s experienced SQL development team identified and meticulously crafted appropriate SQL scripts to address foreign key constraints and ID misalignments, ensuring data integrity throughout the transition.
  3. Thorough Code Reviews and Redeployment: As some of the previous developers have hardcoded static IDs into their custom SQL without anticipating changes, rigorous code reviews and redeployment was conducted to ensure seamless functionality post-transition.


Despite the daunting challenges, i60 Global successfully completed the detachment process, within two weeks, yielding valuable lessons, and delivering the following outcomes:


  1. Smooth Transition: A full day of live running on the detached code validated the seamless transition, with minor issues promptly addressed.
  2. Performance Optimization: With full access to the running database, i60 Global identified and implemented performance optimizations, enhancing their system efficiency.
  3. Cost Savings and Client Satisfaction: By detaching from the cloud hosted OutSystems environment, the client eliminated significant costs, leading to high levels of satisfaction and potential long-term profitability gains.


The successful detachment from the cloud hosted OutSystems environment not only resolved immediate challenges for our client, but also positioned them for long-term success. i60 Global’s expertise and meticulous approach ensured a smooth transition, demonstrating our commitment to delivering software that works.

Looking Ahead

If you’re considering detachment from your OutSystems environment or facing similar challenges, reach out to i60 Global. With our expertise and proven track record, we can ensure a seamless transition to unlock new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

We believe software should be an investment that serves your organizational goals, and we love creating software that delivers on its promise, every time.

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