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In response to the heightened focus on employee wellness spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, Life Healthcare Solutions sought a solution to streamline employee wellness management.

This led to the development of the iConnect Platfom, with i60 as their trusted technology partner.

iConnect is a comprehensive platform designed to simplify access to health information and professional services for employees.

Our Solution

iConnect redefines the landscape of employee wellness management, delivering unparalleled convenience to both employees and HR departments.

The requirement was for a robust employee wellness platform capable of swiftly delivering health information to employees and seamlessly connecting them with the appropriate professional services they required.

iConnect revolutionizes the management of employee wellness, offering time-saving convenience for both employees and HR departments, with its unique features. These features empower HR professionals to track cases efficiently, while automated notifications foster employee awareness and adherence to company policies.


Employees can easily log any health concerns and queries on the platform and access necessary services, including scheduling appointments with affiliate professional healthcare providers and accessing valuable resources for personal management.

iConnect sets a new standard for personalized employee wellness support across medical, psychological, and legal domains.

key features

      • Case Tracking
      • Call Centre Roles
      • Onboarding Affiliates (medical professionals)
      • Sessions with affiliates and session information capture
      • Employee wellness case creation
      • Management-initiated case creation

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