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Our partners are carefully chosen to align with our values and beliefs. We build long-term partnerships that work towards a common goal: bringing incredible value to the client. 


OutSystems is a low-code platform which easily allows professionals to deliver applications visually and quickly. The visual development aspect of OutSystems’ platform means that it is easy for development and business to collaborate in order to achieve fast delivery of software with added business value. The OutSystems platform is very flexible when it comes to integrating it into existing environments, and can be used in scenarios where you need a new front-end system to communicate with an existing back-end system. 

The iSixty team were struggling with monolithic C# applications, mainly because they were so tightly coupled, which resulted in them breaking every time they wanted to change something. Upon discovering OutSystems, iSixty then decided to partner up with OutSystems on the Strategic Insurance System project in 2015 to resolve the scalability issues, and after a very successful project, have been partners ever since. 

Strategic Insurance Services

Strategic Insurance Systems (SIS) is a company in the short-term insurance industry that specialises in underwriting management. They currently have a flexibland adaptable system built with Outsystems that allows them to serve their partner ecosystem through web and mobile channels. This provides them with a unique competitive advantage. 

iSixty’s partnership with SIS dates back to 2004 before iSixty was founded. Their partnership formed when SIS approached iSixty to rebuild their Domestic Insurance System in Visual Basic 6, as well as to help maintain that system over time. iSixty rewrote the system in .NET a few years later, and then rewrote and built it again with OutSystems in 2015. The result was a massive success, as iSixty even went on to win an award for the Best Legacy Replacement at the OutSystems innovations awards. 


JustSolve is an award-winning digital agency based in Centurion, South Africa. As fellow partners of OutSystemsJustSolve provides efficient and cost-effective digital solutions for their clients while maintaining long term partnerships with them. They specialise in Software Development, Design and Strategy as well as Consulting, and understand the opportunities and leverage the right technologies and skills to resolve your digital needs. 

iSixty’s partnership with JustSolve is a new one, beginning in 2020 when JustSolve already had a long-standing relationship with a client that iSixty was serving. Both partners sat down and discussed how they, as OutSystems partners, could best serve the interests of the client and decided to work together in order to bring them a whole ecosystem of products. 

IT Prosper

IT Prosper offers a “one-stop-shop” for the full systems development life cycleranging  from business analysis all the way to system functional design. They are an OutSystems certified company that are capable of designing, developing and implementing web and mobile applications on OutSystems, from start to finish. They are also qualified to build corporate applications and provide support for any existing solutions. 

iSixty decided to partner with IT Prosper in 2020 when the opportunity to work on an application for the Life Health Care group came up. The team needed more resources for the various projects to be completed and therefore approached IT Prosper, another OutSystems partner, to help them out. 

Prior Ditema

Prior Ditema is a start-up company that specialises in providing vouchers to people with medical aid. This allows ‘unserviced’ individuals without medical aid to receive good medical care. 

Prior Ditema were referred to iSixty after they were let down by their previous IT Service Provider. They were looking for a long-term partnership as they anticipated exponential growth after their first year of launching their Medical Voucher SystemiSixty partnered up with Prior in 2018 and managed to provide an even more comprehensive and automated voucher system than they expected. 

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