MyLife: Healthcare App

MyLife is a startup from the multinational Life Healthcare Group, offering primary healthcare across South Africa. There are 6 clinics but the focus is on creating the broadest access to healthcare in the country by offering digital services where possible. This is an important part of creating Life Healthcare’s continuum of care from primary, complementary, and all the way to acute hospital services. 

The Challenge

MyLife needed a Clinic Management System (CMS) that would also enable the nurse-led video consults with the virtual doctors. The aggressive go-live timelines for the startup necessitated the build of a proprietary CMS at extremely short notice. MyLife approached iSixty to see if we could rise to the challenge. 

Without the CMS there would be no way to enable video consults or to conduct nurse-led consults in a secure application. MyLife needed the application to be built in under 2 weeks.

The Expectation

MyLife expected urgency and an ability to cope with uncertain and relatively undefined specifications. Their partners needed to be able to work with them on creating the app based on their vision rather than on documented requirements. This required exceptional teamwork and the ability to guide the process of design and development.  

MyLife referred the challenge to multiple companies who had the ability to deliver solutions on the Outsystems low-code platform. They selected iSixty because of our responsiveness to their business-critical situation and because we immediately started working on a Proof of Concept (POC) basis. 

Our Approach

team expertise

iSixty had limited healthcare experience, but we had a great customer team who could communicate their requirements in developer-speak, allowing the iSixty team to build on a strong foundation.  

The iSixty team included Grant (Head of Development), Leon (Senior developer), Gavon (Senior developer), and Hanno (MVP developer)


The short timeframes required us to collaborate in a Joint Rapid Application Design (JRAD) methodology. Life Healthcare’s team included 2 business analysts, a technical lead, and a medical doctor – who all created the vision and screen flow for the Primary Healthcare App.  

Looking back, the energy of the room was amazing as we moved between multiple whiteboards and smaller groups creating screen flows, then mockups, then combining the screens developed in Outsystems to create the full app flow.  

Our Solution

The solution was a responsive web app optimised for the computer browser but fully capable of operating at smaller screen sizes. The solution created role-based access for clinic-based nurses, and virtually-based doctors, each with their own workflows in the app. The critical requirement was that the clinical integrity of the system had to be preserved in each of the processes and workflows created in the app.   

The app needed to interact with large screen TV panels, microphones, and other devices, establishing a peer-to-peer video consultation room with the doctor. 

The Results

The solution developed by iSixty solved the MyLife need for a reliable and robust system that would enable both in-person and virtual healthcare service provision.  

MyLife was able to convert its manual processes into digitally-enabled ones through the use of the Clinic Management System that iSixty developed.  

The PHC app represents the basis of MyLife’s growth as a digital enabler in the primary healthcare space, beyond the limits of location-based services. As the customer pushes for more digital enablement we know that the core solution is the PHC app developed by iSixty. 

I have no hesitation in recommending iSixty as a partner of choice. Their dedication to their customer’s business needs and priorities has earned them a highly trusted status at Life Healthcare. I would not hesitate to use them for any of the projects that we build on the Outsystems platform. 

Alistair Petersen

Head of IT (Business Solutions), Life Healthcare Group