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When it comes to your project, we believe that adding value first will soon be followed by success. We value our relationships with clients in the long term and we strive towards giving them everything they need in order to be successful. Therefore, we’ve partnered with OutSystems and the best product providers we can find to deliver your project in good time. 

We're an award-winning partner of OutSystems

We completely rewrote an aging legacy policy management system that was hamstrung by brittle and disparate code, with a database design lacking congruence and integrity. In half the time expected, we made use of OutSystems to deliver a flexible and scalable system with lifecycle integrity that users love – making Strategic Insurance Services (SIS) unique in a highly competitive market.

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What are we about

We’re always looking for ways to help improve people’s lives and circumstancesAs proud partners of OutSystems, we can provide you with a solution in record time that is reliable and cost effective.  

Whether you’re looking to build a new OutSystems project, expand on your existing OutSystems project or just simply fix an Outsystems project that isn’t meeting your requirements, iSixty Services can assist you with all of this. 

Have a look at some of the projects weve completed , our development process as well as who OutSystems is, and how they, and the rest of our partners, aid us in delivering the best products we can for our clients. 

Our History

Founded in 2005, i60 was a vision that Grant McDonogh brought to life in order to help build products and platforms that make people’s lives and jobs easier. With a small team of developers, they started out by building an internal product for the short-term insurance industry using Visual Basic 6. Grant and his team decided to rebuild that project in C# a few years later.

It wasn’t until 2015 when i60 decided to switch to OutSystems from C#. This change allowed them to add more to their insurance project, which then turned out to be their flagship project. Since partnering with OutSystems, i60 have helped many clients, most of which were suffering from intensive timelines. They’ve also gone on to win an award for Best Legacy Replacement in 2016; an award which was very impressive due to the fact that they completed it in half the time expected.

With a bigger team of developers now and general staff, i60 are growing their business and is buzy expanding into the United States. They will continue to carry out Grants vision by building software platforms and products that improve their clients’ lives while maintaining a long-term relationship with them


App Development

Lets us help you build your next application. From concept design all the way through to final deliverables

Get Moving

Most Outsystems customers find it hard to get going initially. We will coach your team through the initial startup phase by helping you make the right design and architecture decisions up front.

Project Rescue

Do you have an Outsystems project that needs to be rescued? Our experienced team will help you get your project back on track in no time.


Looking for experienced staff to bolster your team? We have a team of experienced developers and archtects with wide range of domain knowledge

About Us

Founded in 2005, iSixty Services was a vision that Grant McDonogh brought to life in order to help build products and platforms that make people’s lives and jobs easier. Since partnering up with OutSystems, we have excelled in our cause and continue to help our clients while building long term relationships with them.

Our Development process

iSixty strives towards delivering cost effective and reliable products in record time that make our clients’ work and lives much easier. Learn more about our development process and how we go about making this possible with our Agile and Scrum methodology. 

Our partners

We believe in building long term partnerships that benefit both parties as well as the clients themselves. Along with OutSystems, learn more about who our main partners are, our relationships with them, and how they aid us in building the best products possible for our clients. 

Featured Case Study: MyLife

MyLife needed a Clinic Management System (CMS) that would also enable the nurse-led video consults with the virtual doctors. The aggressive go-live timelines for the startup necessitated the build of a proprietary CMS at extremely short notice. Without the CMS there would be no way to enable video consults or to conduct nurse-led consults in a secure application and needed the application to be built in under 2 weeks. 

MyLife expected urgency and an ability to cope with uncertain and relatively undefined specifications. Our partners needed to be able to work with us on creating the app based on our vision rather than on documented requirements. This required exceptional teamwork and the ability to guide the process of design and development. 

MyLife approached iSixty to see if we could rise to the challenge, to which we did. The customer team selected us because of our responsiveness to their business critical situation and because we started work immediately on a Proof of Concept basis. 

What some of our clients say:

iSixty is key partner in developing our insurance platform.  Having a software development company with years of experience in the insurance and financial sector has allowed us to focus on business development knowing systems development is in safe hands.

Mike Macindoe

General Manager,  Strategic Insurance Systems (Pty) Ltd

I would definitely recommend iSixty – without hesitation. They were friendly and supportive and they incorporated better features in key areas that previous IT service providers had not managed to achieve. 

Brian Sidders

CEO & Business Analyst, Prior Ditema

In no time at all, iSixty produced a great platform for AGM’s to be hosted virtually as well as keep a record of what was voted. iSixty was great to work with and we look forward to building more projects with them.

Armandt Slabbert

CEO , Uncoprox

I have no hesitation in recommending iSixty as a partner of choice. Their dedication to their customer’s business needs and priorities has earned them a highly trusted status at Life Healthcare. I would not hesitate to use them for any of the projects that we build on the Outsystems platform. 

Alistair Peterson

Head of IT (Business Solutions), Life Healthcare Group

iSixty had a quick grasp of the issues I needed my platform to solve.  I cannot recommended them enough to turn an idea into a practical application.

Karina Nel

Business Owner, Confpro

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