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As partners of OutSystems, our goal for every product we produce at iSixty is to make people want to come to work because they know they have the right tools to do their job well. We want to remove the frustration from their lives and create products that enhance their ability to deliver. 

We’ve Come a Long Way

Founded in 2005, iSixty Services was a vision that Grant McDonogh brought to life in order to help build products and platforms that make people’s lives and jobs easier. With a small team of developers, they started out by building an internal product for the short-term insurance industry using Visual Basic 6. Grant and his team decided to rebuild that project in DotNet a few years later. 

It wasn’t until 2015 when iSixty decided to switch to OutSystems from C#. This change allowed them to add more to their insurance project, which then turned out to be their flagship project. Since partnering with OutSystemsiSixty have helped many clientsmost of which were suffering from intensive timelines. They’ve also gone on to win an award for Best Legacy Replacement in 2016; an award which was very impressive due to the fact that they completed it in half the time expected. 

With a bigger team of developers now and general staffiSixty are growing their business and plan on expanding into the United States. They will continue to carry out Grants vision by building software platforms and products that improve their clients’ lives while maintaining a long-term relationship with them. 

Our Core Values


Our goal is to be open and honest with our clients, as well as with our staff. If we can’t fulfil your project needs, we will kindly point you in the direction of someone who can. Integrity is something we value highly here at iSixty and we want what’s best for you. 

Team morale

Teamwork makes for dream work, and without our team, we would have never satisfied so many of our customers and completed their projects on time. Our team morale is something we take seriously here at iSixty. A happy team equals a happy customer. 

Our strategy is simple:

Build long term relationships supported by products you can rely on.

Our Development Process

When it comes to adding value to our products, as well as delivering it on time, our team follows a combination of Agile and Scrum methodologies when we approach your project. With that being said, have a look at the process we follow: 

1. Planning Phase

Requirements and specifications are gathered to get an idea of the final product, as well as any features we’d like to implement. 

2. Design Phase

Our software designers decide which frameworks and libraries are best suited for your product, while our UX designers work on the user interface that will give your users the best experience.

3. Development Phase

Our delivery team builds the solution according to the patterns and designs that came out of the planning and design phases.

4. Testing Phase

Our testers make sure there are no bugs as well as making sure that the software is compatible with the requirements given by our client. 

5. Deployment Phase

We deploy the application to the OutSystems servers for the client to use. Any future deployments, with new features and resolved bugs, will update the existing software. 

6. Review Phase

The team discuss the applications progress and review all the problems encountered during the development lifecycle. A new iteration cycle starts again based on the feedback. 

7. Launch!

Once the features have been implemented and any bugs are ironed out, we launch the product!

Our Awards

In 2016, iSixty Services was awarded Top Project in the Best Legacy Replacement category at the Outsystems Global Innovation Awards. What made it more impressive was that the project was completed in half the time expected: 

iSixty completely rewrote an aging legacy policy management system radically reinventing the products that Strategic Insurance Systems provide. 

Hamstrung by brittle and disparate code, with a database design lacking congruence and integrity, innovation was critical. In half the time expected, iSixty made use of OutSystems to deliver a flexible and scalable system with lifecycle integrity that users love – making Strategic Insurance Services (SIS) unique in a highly competitive market. 

“This year we received a phenomenal group of applications that demonstrated cutting-edge approaches to digital transformation. These organizations are pioneers in aligning IT with the needs of their business. We would like to congratulate each winner on the creative and forward-thinking approaches to rapidly delivering mobile and web applications.”  said Carlos Alves, global vice president of sales for OutSystems. 


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